What is the Total Cost of Ownership for industrial sweepers and scrubbers?

This blog post will show you how to measure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when considering the most cost-effective floor cleaning method.

The upfront cost of industrial floor cleaning equipment is sometimes quite a financial hurdle. The purchase price for an industrial floor scrubber/sweeper certainly looks like a more significant investment than buying mops and brooms. However, looking at just the upfront cost doesn’t tell the full story.

Total cost of ownership (TCO) provides a long-term view of the value of the investment. TCO includes purchase price as well as operating costs and savings. Industrial floor cleaning equipment can easily last 5 to 8 years or more, so it’s important to look at the cost of operation over that period.

Your equipment’s total cost of ownership depends on your facility’s specific needs, staff, and cleaning goals. Consider the following costs and savings related to new equipment when you’re calculating TCO.


  • Initial price tag
  • Operating costs (Fuel, etc.)
  • Maintenance / replacement parts
  • Repairs


  • Labor / productivity
  • Lifespan of equipment
  • Water and detergent usage
  • Life of flooring
  • Accident reduction

Here’s a table comparing equipment productivity. Consider your facility’s square footage when computing cleaning costs.

Warehouse Floor Cleaning Equipment Productivity*

Cleaning method

Square feet per hour (est.)

Push broom

24” broom


36” broom


Dust mop

36" mop


Walk-behind sweeper

28” sweeper


36” sweeper


Ride-on sweeper

30” sweeper


46” sweeper


60” sweeper


77” sweeper


Wet mop

24-oz mop


Walk-behind scrubber

20” scrubber


28” scrubber


38” scrubber


Ride-on scrubber

48” scrubber


62” scrubber


* Source: Nilfisk-Advance

Industrial floor cleaning equipment controls costs

Maintaining clean, dry plant and warehouse floors improves safety by removing dust, dirt, oil, fluids, and debris that can cause accidents and foul machines. Keeping floors clean reduces slip/fall accidents and injuries. No more wet floors and warning signs.

It’s much more economical in the long run to rely on top quality industrial floor cleaning equipment. You can save on the cost of labor with the right machine. Even a walk-behind sweeper and/or scrubber will clean a wider swath in less time than someone with a mop or broom. Larger ride-on machines and sweeper/scrubber combination machines make sense in large plants. 

Whatever the plant size, though, an investment in industrial floor cleaning equipment generally pays off in better, more efficient cleaning.

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