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What is a “Super Concentrate” and why do they cost so much less than ready-to-use?

Believe it or not, it comes down to water. Shipping water. Plus the plastic bottles, sprayers, buckets, drums, lids etc.

When you purchase ready-to-use cleaners you are paying for all that plus the detergents and other active ingredients. You are also paying for water, increased packaging costs and higher shipping costs. Super Concentrates save you money and they help save the environment as well. All you have to do is use your own water.

What is MOR-GREEN™ Super Concentrate?

MOR-GREEN™ Super Concentrate is a highly concentrated, versatile cleaner, packaged in pre-measured 2, 5, 10 and 15 oz. packets that you mix with water to create a wide variety of cleaning solutions.

What are the benefits of MOR-GREEN™ Super Concentrate?

Environmentally Safe & Compliant

MOR-GREEN™ Super Concentrate is a water-based, environmentally-friendly and worker-friendly cleaner & degreaser that contains no unnecessary dyes or fragrances. (See: Safety Data Sheet)

Formulated in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Safer Choice Program, packets represent a 94% reduction in packaging material when compared to a 55-gallon drum.


MOR-GREEN™ Super Concentrate is cost-effective because it reduces freight, inventory, and handling costs and uses less product to achieve better results.

Man Operating Floor Cleaner

Safe for Employees

MOR-GREEN™ Super Concentrate is safer to use than conventional cleaners. It has a very mild odor, neutral pH and does not contain Butoxyethanol (a suspected carcinogen); citrus Solvents (flammable in concentrated form); or any caustic ingredients (severe eye and skin irritants).

Increased Productivity

Experts estimate that 35% of housekeeping labor time is unproductive. Part of that unproductive time is spent going to and from a central soap location when changing mop and/or scrubber water.

Mor-Green Packets


The four sizes of MOR-GREEN™ Super Concentrate cleaner are designed to accommodate a variety of common cleaning applications. You can replace a multitude of other cleaning products with MOR-GREEN™ Super Concentrate, clear the clutter in the janitor closet.

Consistent Cleaning Results

Pre-measured packets promote accurate and consistent results. Chemical overusage, which can easily happen when hand measuring water to soap ratios, is wasteful and may dull or damage floors or other surfaces. With pre-measured packets, overusage is avoided.

Mop Bucket

Improved Inventory Control

Product inventory and usage are easily tracked.

Improved Storage and Handling

When compared to conventional containers of cleaning chemicals, MOR-GREEN™ Super Concentrate’s polyethylene packets reduce storage space by as much as 85%.

The lightweight packets also simplify distribution within the facility. When you compare totes, weighing in at 2,500 lbs, drums at 500 lbs or even pails at 45lbs. with packets that weigh only a few ounces, storing and moving this product couldn’t be easier

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SuperConcentrate Usage Table SuperConcentrate Usage Table

2 OZ5 Gal Buddy Jug Mop bucketGlass Cleaner Llight Duty Floor Cleaner
5 ozQuart Spray Bottle Mop bucket 30 Gal Floor Scrubber TankSuper Degreaser Floor Cleaner Floor Scrubber Soap
10 OZMop Bucket 30-60 Gal Floor Scrubber TankHeavy-Duty Floor Cleaner Floor Scrubber Soap
15 oz > 60 Gal Floor Scrubber TankFloor Scrubber Soap

MOR-GREEN™ Super Concentrate Part Numbers

Mor-Green DeGreaser

Environment and People Safe All-Purpose Spray and Wipe Degreaser

Formulated in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide a safer more environmentally preferable alternative without sacrificing performance. This highly concentrated, versatile degreaser is formulated to take on a wide range of cleaning jobs. It can quickly power off even stubborn soils and greases from any surface not harmed by water. This amazing spray & wipe degreaser is ready to use, or it can be diluted in other applications.

MorGreen Degreaser Spray Bottle

How to Use

MOR-GREEN™ Super D Degreaser is formulated as a Ready-to-Use product. Dilution opportunities depend on application, soil type, and soil level.

Packaging Options

  • 32oz spray quarts
  • 1 gal. Jug
  • 5 gal. Pail
  • 55 gal. Drum
  • 260 gal. Tote

MOR-GREEN™ Super D Degreaser Part Numbers

  • 21262 MOR-GREEN™ Super D Degreaser 1/32
  • 21263 MOR-GREEN™ Super D Degreaser 12/32
  • 21422 MOR-GREEN™ Super D Degreaser 55

Surface Cleaning

Features and Benefits

Unique characteristics of MOR-GREEN™ Super D Degreaser make this a superior spray & wipe cleaner. These characteristics include:

Suspends oily soils for easy wipe & removal Neutral pH will not harm personnel Does not utilize harmful cleaning chemicals Minimal environmental impact Superior cleaning performance on a variety of soils

Environmentally Safe

MOR-GREEN™ Super D Degreaser is a water-based, environmentally-friendly and worker-friendly cleaner & degreaser. (See: Safety Data Sheet)


MOR-GREEN™ Super D Degreaser is cost-effective, and contains no unnecessary dyes or fragrances.

Technical Information

Color – Clear & Colorless
PH – 7.0 – 8.0
Odor – Mild
Butyl Free
Phosphate Free
Solvent Free

Super D Usage Table

Spray & WipeGreasy/Oily Machinery Greasy/Oily Engine Maintenance, Repair & Restoration Spot cleaning manufactured parts Pre-treatment clothing and carpet Removes hairspray and other cosmetic residue from countertop surfaces Cleaning grill & stovetop surfaces
Power WasherCleaning commercial range hoods House washing Deck washing